fbpx Jonas Peder Schmidt | Bridger ApS
Former IT technician and Math teacher looking for an entry level project management or DevOps engineer position to follow up on my computer science graduation.
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I want to grow into the role of project management and spend my time administrating and supporting development teams using Azure or a similar DevOps platform in all of its features.

During my time at EASV, doing my computer science degree, i noticed that on almost all group project assignments i have always been a leading figure in a team getting the team together and providing support and ideas on how to tackle finding the right solution and development process.
Even though i am very much a code monkey myself, i was very surprised i had so much fun in this role.

Streamlining development processes with the help of DevOps platforms has already become a staple for larger coorporations in terms of bigger application development projects. Without this, most larger projects would quickly spiral into an administrating mess with too much alignment overhead.
In my experience, the less a developer has to deal with alignment/meetings the happier he is and the more he is able to concentrate on producing actual product (code). To have someone who can take care of administrating the tools and platforms necessary to provide these features as well as has knowledge about coding himself can save a lot of employees a lot of time and nerves.